BE IT RESOLVED, that from time to time, Legal Tax Service, Inc. may enter into agreements with National City Bank of Pennsylvania, (“Bank”), to initiate an Autosweep for Legal Tax Service, Inc.’s Account No. 239883829, which is designated as West Mifflin Sanitary Sewer Municipal Authority Escrow Account, and to deposit the swept funds into the Armada Government Fund. The principal and interest earned less the fees charged by the Armada Funds, the Bank and the 3.85% fee due Legal Tax Service, Inc. shall be remitted from time to time to the Authority.


RESOLVED FURTHER, that in connection herewith, Legal Tax Service, Inc. is authorized for and on behalf of the Authority to execute and deliver to the Bank, such agreements and other writing, if any, as the Bank may require, which agreements and other writings, if any, each shall be in such a form and contain such representatives, agreements, authorizations, waivers, and other provisions as the Bank and as Legal Tax Service, Inc., executing such an agreement in the name of Legal Tax Service, Inc., but as nominee of the Authority may approve, and (b) Legal Tax Service, Inc., as the authorized representatives, for an on behalf of the Authority, may make and do all such further and other acts including, but not limited to supplying operational and procedural information to the Bank, as the Bank may from time to time deem necessary or advisable in connection with the foregoing, and in each case, any execution by Legal Tax Service, Inc., its duly authorized representative, thereof, or other acts in connection therewith shall be conclusive evidence of Legal Tax Service, Inc.’s approval, and the approval of the “Municipal Authority’.


            RESOLVED FURTHER, that the authority granted to Legal Tax Service, Inc. shall not impinge upon or expand any authority previously, concurrently, or hereafter granted to Legal Tax Service, Inc. for the transaction of business in connection with depositing or drawing upon the escrow account on behalf of Legal Tax Service, Inc. with Bank, and that Legal Tax Service, Inc. may rely exclusively on the authority herein granted without reference to any such Resolution of the Municipal Authority;


                        RESOLVED FURTHER, that all such agreements and other writings heretofore executed and delivered to Bank and other acts taken in connection therewith or on behalf of the aforesaid Escrow Account are hereby ratified, confirmed, and approved by the Board of Directors of the West Mifflin Sanitary Sewer Municipal Authority;


                          RESOLVED FURTHER, that a certified copy of this Resolution shall be furnished to Legal Tax Service, Inc., and Legal Tax Service, Inc. is authorized to rely on this Resolution and such certification until written notice of any change therein, shall be received by an appropriate officer of Legal Tax Service, Inc.


RESOLVED AND ADOPTED, this 6th day of March 1997






Michael Price, Secretary




Anthony J. Panichelli, Chairman