Sewage treatment Rates 2010






Residential Cost of Service Fee

$ 15.00





Commercial/Industrial/Municipal Cost of Service Fee

$ 23.00




0-15,000 gallons per 100 gallons

 $    0.683





15,001-100,000 per 100 gallons

 $    1.050





Over 100,000 per 100 gallons

 $    1.250






Beginning January 2011 usage, February 2011 billing, and each year thereafter the Cost of Service Fee will increase $1.00 per year for ALL CUSTOMERS.


In order to meet current and future financial obligations and operational costs the WMSSMA Board was forced to increase user fees. The Authority operates in a highly regulated environment. There are no built in revenue increases. The Authority gets over 97% of its income from its user fees.


Just like your budget at home the Authority has looked at various ways of reducing its costs over the last year including staffing adjustments, communications changes and evaluation of alternate suppliers for the equipment and services that we purchase. While savings have been achieved they have not offset the large increases in utilities, health care, insurance, fuel, and purchased sewage treatment.


There has not been any help from Harrisburg. The last time, about 7 years ago, the Commonwealth faced a budget shortfall they eliminated operator assistance grants which if funded would have brought into the Authority over $1,000,000.


The Authority will continue to examine each and every cost to provide the best possible service at the least cost to the ratepayer.